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Sandstone BirdBath

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Besides offering a variety of products for interior decoration, landscaping etc., another product our company is engaged in providing is Sandstone to buyers in India, UK, Canada, Australia and Ireland. Suitable for table tops, counters, paving, construction, decorative aggregates and much more, the sandstone we offer is mines from top-notch quarries using high precision equipment. We guarantee sandstone bought from us will maintain its shape and grace during any weather and endure the test of time. So, if you are interested, you can place your order now. We can cater to bulk order immediately and offer sandstone in a variety of grades at competitive prices. Once the order is place, we will deliver it within the stipulated time and make sure the consignment is in intact condition.

  • Spiral Leg Bird Bath
    Spiral Leg Bird Bath

    Item Code: R292

  • Twisted Leg Bird Bath
    Twisted Leg Bird Bath

    Item Code: R296

  • Floral Bird Bath
    Floral Bird Bath

    Item Code: R298

  • Square top and wave column Leg
  • Curved Leg Bird Bath
    Curved Leg Bird Bath

    Item Code: R301

  • Grey Coloured Bird Bath
    Grey Coloured Bird Bath

    Item Code: R302

  • Square Bird Bath
    Square Bird Bath

    Item Code: R303

  • Square Shaped Birdbath
    Square Shaped Birdbath

    Item Code: RD136

  • Mint Birdbath
    Mint Birdbath

    Item Code: RD137

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